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{ koo-blee-shee-us } 1. Extraordinarily fascinating, great, wonderful, extra-ordinary; 2. so extraordinarily fascinating that you wonder whether there some trick or fraud behind it. The word originated in college to give an extra degree of greatness to the term extraordinarily fascinating.
This word was actually coined by my friend Poopie*. It was highly kublicious of him.

That dude Phelps has won 28 Olympic medals - 23 of 'em gold! Man, that's highly kublicious!!
by Alone Me Rant August 16, 2016

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v. A popular misspelling of the word unsubscribe, often found in mailing lists and groups, used by folks who seem to be clueless about the word unsubscribe and are overwhelmed by the (e)mails that that they get in their mailboxes. Cancel a subscription to a mailing list, publication or service, especially online.
"Unscribe me! Please unscribe me!", she wrote after her mail box was flooded with non-jokes from the wacky-corner-humor-list.

Please unscribe from your mailing list.

"I am a dislocated worker in the united states and I do not know anything about this account so in that I will unscribe my account and hope you will let me out of any financial obligation that I may have. thank you."
— Western Union payment updates from wordnik.com
by Alone Me Rant March 07, 2011

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That awsome feeling when your pet gently paws you
My little pooch put he tiny feet on my cheeks. That feeling was, oh, so pawsome.
by Alone Me Rant August 16, 2016

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Mermaids available in a marine bordello/whorehouse
Many a seahorse have I seen, but this seahore I saw at the Santa Fina beach blew me off my feet. I went in to her place and there were many more delectable seahores there.
by Alone Me Rant August 16, 2016

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monk who moans all time - may be complaining or maybe out of ecstasy
He went around teaching free love to women wearing white robes. His private lessons made his students moan. One dubious moank he was.
by Alone Me Rant August 16, 2016

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