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The anger that comes out of nowhere when you've had the extra 2 or 3 cups of coffee that you're body's not used to.
Did you see Jeff get all bent out of shape over that car pulling out. He's always so nice. With all the bawls bottles in his backseat...that's the look of "Caffeine Rage".
by alohaman November 13, 2008

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Not a Milf. Not someone you associate with having sex with.
Finch-"Man, that's someone's mom, not like stiffler's mom.
by Alohaman July 10, 2008

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Product of a Shart (a combination of a shit and a fart. That very uncomfortable "OH SHIT" that usually leaks out after it happens
After perkolating, Ricky had the likid shits
by alohaman January 18, 2008

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The period of time before laying down a serious stink for anyone in who would walk within 20 feet of the bathroom at work.
Dee perkolated some serious funk this morning because I don't have to leave my cubicle to smell it.
by alohaman January 10, 2008

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