4 definitions by AllByMyself

A selfie you take while pooping.
Friend 1: "Look at this picture Brad sent me."

Friend 2: "Towel bar to the right, toilet paper to the left, there's no doubt this was a smelfie."
by AllByMyself November 10, 2014
When your leg falls asleep after sitting on the toilet too long
Friend 1: "Why are you limping?"

Friend 2: "I got potty dead leg after my long tenure in the fourth stall."
by AllByMyself December 15, 2014
when you’d normally find a coffee shop or public restroom but since it’s a global pandemic you just pee in public
What’s he doing behind that dumpst—oh, the covid tinkle.
by AllByMyself November 19, 2020
Being assaulted in a physical, mental, or verbal way by a bully.
by AllByMyself March 30, 2015