4 definitions by Alicforhigs

To murder three people and then hang yourself from a window with bedsheets.
Guy 1: Dude how did your game go.
Guy2: I'm gonna go home and Aaron Hernandez
by Alicforhigs April 19, 2017
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Hot candle wax
Bucket of shit

The women coats the inside of her vagina with a layer of hot candle wax. The man then placed his penis in a bucket of shit and places his shit coated penis inside the candle wax coated vagina. The two partners then wait for the candle wax to dry and are forever sealed in a sacred bond. (If gay the hot candle was can be placed inside the asshole).
by Alicforhigs December 16, 2016
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Guy 1: Dude why are you hugging your dog.
Guy2: I have Dogoitis
by Alicforhigs May 7, 2018
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