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2 definitions by Alice Green

to make a complete idiot out of yourself or another person by saying that something happened that didn't
When you assume, you are making an ASS out of U or ME!
by Alice Green March 21, 2010
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He is the total package. Hardworking, athletic, friendly, handsome, humble, caring, loving, and understanding. If you are ever blessed to come across a Moisés Peña-Núñez keep him close, he has the purest heart, the most dazzling eyes, contagious humor, and best advice. The perfect husband/father who takes your problems and worries to solve and fix as if they were his own. Never leaving your side as long as you don’t leave his. He takes pride in his family who are loving and caring. Doesn’t give up when things get tough, isn’t afraid to face a challenge. Makes friends easily. And is the best boyfriend who is loyal, attentive, and goes out of his way. Makes expectations a reality, has high standards and priorities. Can get any girl he wants but chose a girl named Katie instead :).
Moisés Peña-Núñez is so dreamy, I wish I could have dated him, Katie is so lucky!
by Alice Green August 7, 2022
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