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"Led Zeppelin of the 80's."
_While bowing to Led Zeppelin as the inventors of 'Heavy Metal,' Metallica is The One to be forever praised for Perfecting it, RE-revolutionizing it, for SAVING US ALL from the mediocre gayness, devaluated desentigration of all the material and artistic wastes of that "hairSpray-puffyness," "pounds-of-make-up-and-lipstick girly-BULL~SHIT-shiny-glitter hermophrodit "rock/or/metal." AMEN! Fo sho, 'ey/mAn' indeed!!
_Metallica's song "nothing else matters" posess' historical values of artisticaly global, vital, atomic-and i would go as far as saying, resurecting-poewers of immortal, ever-lasting evolution of music similar/or equal to Led Zeppelin's "stair way to heaven."
_They are to Heavy Metal as Iggy Pop to Punk.>-explanation-(Iggy started it all for the punk music. With the anarchy of his attitude in lyrics, style and music, he transformed,what we now call, the "classic rock" into the 'featus'of PUNK music. While not being classified, or to say more accurate, credited, as a father of Punk, he certainly was One of THOSE who f1rst stabed the body of music in their own unique way. And good 'ol Iggy made a deep, almost 'vital' but so needed for the time wound, which The Clash, Ramones and Sex Pistols, etc. would later bleed wout from.)
_Metallica's contribution to tha mighty HEAVY METAL is farely equal to the fact of Charlie Christian, the jazz musician, generally credited with introducing the electric guitar solo.
->(LITTLE INSIGHT history: In 1939, the above mentioned, Charlie Christian joined Benny Goodman’s band and began stepping to the front of the band, performing long, complicated passages that imitated the style of horn playing.)
_...continuing..._ In addition to the thaT last example above, MetallicA's contribution is similar to the, ummm.. kinda, i would say pretty fucken much heroic act of Bob Dylan; when he "plugged in" his guitar on the National Folk Music Festival where the shocked crowd booed him off the stage in raging fury, as a bad seed, a freak and as a betrayer of "true musical values."
>>>>Well now, yall people get the idea, eh!?
Now go and fill yourself with the "thirst-killing, Deep, refreshing waters of metallica melodies and spice yo fucken solid brains with their blades and razors of "kill 'em all" topping it off with ballz-twisting solos that make you wanna cry!! Metal Up Yar Ass!!!
by Aliaksei October 24, 2005

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