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The hottest 16 year old ever.
Shawn Johnson won the all around gymnastics in the 08 olympics. I'd let her go all around on me..
by Alex The Redeemer August 24, 2008

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A pretty gay high school located in Glendale CA. Full of just about everyone. Nerds, stoners, gangsters, preps, skaters, and everything in between. Very big school, has very anal principles. Don't bring drugs to this school, as you are subject to regular bag searches (and probably will get searched just for walking by).
Glendale high is the gayest high school this side of So cal.
by Alex The Redeemer May 24, 2008

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A debate television show hosted by Lewis Black which is played on Comedy Central. It takes two topics, and has two low-brow washed up comedians (like Greg Geraldo) argue about which is the worse of the two. While Lewis Black is the supposed star of this series, for the first 20 minutes of the show (need I remind you it's a 30 minute show) he only makes appearances by grinning at obviously unfunny jokes and looking at the screen.

The series was launched off with a decent topic, "Beer vs. Weed". Just after that, the topics started getting stupider and stupider, such as "Kim Jong Il vs. Tila Tequila" or "Las Vegas vs. The Human Body". At this rate a new season will be extremely unlikely, and it's cancellation is imminent.
Person 1: Hey, are you gonna watch The Root Of All Evil tonight?"

Person 2: Nah, I think their idea of "George Bush vs. Bread" is too cliche.
by Alex The Redeemer May 04, 2008

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