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A rapper that doesn't display him/herself like Jim Jones or some other artists that like to sag to their knees, wear tall tees, and carry HUGE chains.

A classy rapper actually dresses nice, doesn't rap about only sex/drugs/women, and is an upstanding citizen in the world. Classy rappers aren't looked at as thugs or trashy hood rats.
Redneck: I hate rap! Those black people can't do anything right! And their clothes are 4x too big!

Alec:Have you seen Kid Cudi or Lupe Fiasco lately? They are classy rappers- looking fresh to death, Rapping about things that matter, and are looked upon as high rising citizens. Kanye West is getting there, but he needs to lay off the arrogance.
by AlecMetallic September 12, 2009

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A rediculously addictinve game for some strange reason- it isn't really that great! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?
I can't stop thinking about Dolphin Olympics 2, but when I play it I am disappointed.
by AlecMetallic October 13, 2009

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