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Think's they're super hardcore and emo for listening to Evanescence and Linkin Park. They wander around the mall most of the time looking depressed and hanging around Hot Topic or Spencer.

They often wear:

1.) Plaid with pink, black, red, etc.
2.) Hot Topic skirts over jeans covered in patches
3.) Vans or Converse
4.) Messy hair, usually dull, unwashed brown, with cheap green highlights, or some other weird color.
5.) Chains and dirty old wristbands.
6.) Ripped HIM concert tees.
7.) chipped black nailpolish
8.) TONS of black eyeshadow and too much eyeliner.
Kayla the Mall Emo is such a poser.
by Alcoholic Politics November 26, 2008

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An individual that thinks Naruto, an overrated and corny anime about kid ninjas, is the best thing ever created and worship it.

You often will see/hear them screech, "OH EM GEE, NARUTO IZ DA BEZT ANIMU EVARRR1!@1!!" Even though Naruto is the only one anime they've seen.

Most of them are either 10-year-old boys, 13-year-old girls or 40-year-old men living in their parents' basement.

They think Sasuke wants to be their boyfriend, when sadly for them, he's is actually in love with his older brother.

They have no idea how to spell, and grammar terrifies them.

They viciously defend Naruto and enjoy shipping 30-year-old men with little girls.

They draw like drunken 6-year-olds, but fully beleive they are the best artists ever.

They often rape the Japanese language. (wapanese)

The crazily attack people with paper ninja weapons and yell "(insert random word here) no Jutsu!!!!"

They write horrible, Mary-sue filled, fanfiction where their character is Sasuke's long lost sister, Kakashi's cousin, and Gaara's girlfriend.

Not all Naruto fan's are Narutards, but the vast majority is.
See also: weeaboo, nerd.

Narutard1: OmgZ!!2! hinata is so ttly kawaii desu ne@!!2!21
Narutard2: ttly, i no! she is so kute! i luv her hare. ino is ugly lol!1
Narutard1: i no! she is so stopid i hate her so much shes a fat baka.
by Alcoholic Politics November 20, 2008

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