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Best generic definition is nu-prog, which doesn't do them justice at all. Completely original and imaginative and unlike any of the crap pumped into the mainstream through MTV. Their two albums are about the death of the friend. Deloused in the Comatorium features the mystical journey of protagonist Cerpin Text. Their second album is in essence one track divided into suites, again about the death of their friend. Their lyrics are obscure and non-sensical yet deeply moving. Cedric Bixlar and Omar Rodriguez were previosuly members of At the Drive In. Other members are Flea and John Frusciante of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
"Oh crap, i just came"

"just like that?"

"well i was listening to Mars Volta"

"what those two white guys with fros?"

"yeah, fuckin' aye"
by Albino March 20, 2005
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Greatest vocalist in metal. Sung for Faith No More in place of the previously awful vocalist Chuck Mosely. He got the job based on a demo he handed FNM from his work with Mr Bungle. He worked these two bands together and made some messy and random music with Mr Bungle, all 3 albums vary greatly in genre, showcasing his diverse ability. His first album with FNM- The Real Thing was an epic 80's album although Angel Dust and the sub-sequent albums essentialy created the nu-metal genre. After the splitting of Faith No More he went into Fantomas, an even stranger band than Mr Bungle. In Fantomas. he rarely uses lyrics, instead using his voice as an instrument creating a variety of obscure noises. His latest band is the more linear Tomahawk. He's also performed on Dillinger Escape Plan EP- Irony is a Dead Scene and ventured into rap with General Patton vs The X Ecuctioners there's also his experimental solo work.
"Shit man, this music is the fucking shit!"

"Who is it?"

"Mike fucking Patton, you dig?"

"Yeah, Patton owns"
by Albino March 20, 2005
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To have overdosed on poor man's Speedball (Meth and Heroin) and to have taken other drugs prior to the OD. Usually shallow breathing, low brain activity, and vomit will occur.
Matt was found Riff'd Out this morning, on the bathroom floor, laying in a puddle of his own vomit.
by Albino February 7, 2015
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The husky vocalist of Kyuss. While Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age have had the most success after stoner fathers Kyuss split, Garcia is by far the most underrated. His other projects include Unida and Slo Burn, both are hard to get hold of. None of these compare to Kyuss though. Kyuss own.
Someone better release Unida with the master John Garcia's excellent singing
by Albino March 20, 2005
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