3 definitions by Albert Norme

if a guy throws up 4’s it’s their way of secretly getting out of the closet.
Ryan, brayden and gavin were all throwing up 4’s for each other
by Albert Norme May 8, 2022
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National hangout with your crush day. If you have a crush they have to hangout with you and can't say no.
Tim Tebow: Ronda wanna go fishing with me today?
Ronda Rousey: NO.
Tim Tebow: It's December 20th you have to.
Ronda Rousey: Okay whateva. It's a date.
by Albert Norme December 19, 2019
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August 26th is national cuddling day. You can cuddle anyone you want without it seeming weird.
Guy 1- Hey Howard, it's August 26th you know what that means ;))
Guy 2- Bettt
by Albert Norme October 14, 2019
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