13 definition by Alana Post

Function: adjective

Etymology: combination of difficult and fecal. Attribution: Ben.

1. describes the difficulty associated with taking an extremely constipated shit, or anything of equivalent difficulty. See also: tenesmus; defecult's pendulum.
Susan: So how'd it go in there?
Bob: Defecult.
by Alana Post October 14, 2005

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function: noun
etymology: Eponym after Caroline Contillo who has achieved questionable local fame for coining words and phrases that surprisingly get incorporated into common New York parlance

1. a term coined by or popularized by Caroline Contillo
some carolineisms currently listed on urbandictionary.com are: sad trombone, Debbie Downer, and take a real one. also of note: to be "h".
by Alana Post November 04, 2005

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Function: verb

Etymology: term originally associated with truffle-hunting sows, who use their snouts to nuzzle the precious fungus from the earth. Pigs communicate their sexual availability to other pigs via the steroid that truffles contain.

1. the sexual act normally associated with cunnilingus involving the rubbing of one's nose against one's partner's clitoris 2. to perform such an act
Sally: Hey dude what's up with your nose? Are you getting a cold or something?
Mark: Nah I was up all night rooting for truffles.
Sally: Whoa, your girlfriend is one lucky gal!
by Alana Post October 14, 2005

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function: verb

1. To 'take a real one' is to have a bowel movement that is particularly forceful or emotionally necessary. The feelings that accompany 'taking a real one' are typically frustration, surprise, and/or anger. To 'take a real one' is to figuratively unload a pile of feces onto a situation which bears no other possible reaction. 'Taking a real one' also implies that you can't even mentally just imagine crapping on something, you are are so annoyed that it is literally forcing a big load of pants-pudding from your agitated lower intestine.
1. I can't deal with this any more. I'm going to go take a real one.

2. Oh for the love of Pete! I just lost my entire thesis. Thanks a lot Microsoft Word! This makes me want to take a real one.

3. For the entire movie, all I could think about was taking a real one.

4. I'd prefer to take a real one rather than stay at this bar for another second.
by Alana Post October 05, 2005

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Term used to describe the mini-bottles of Miller High Life.
Nothing quenches ones thirst as ineffectively as a shot of whiskey and a Low Life.
by Alana Post August 29, 2005

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Function: noun

1. Describes the sound made by a trombone to illustrate a depressing statement, action, or moment. "Wah waah". Pioneered on the SNL skit Debbie Downer.
Tad: Bjorn, did you show Nell those pictures of your new kitten?
Bjorn: I don't think so. Nell, would you like to see the pictures I have of Sir Fluffles?
Nell: Oh, Bjorn, I can't bear to look at pictures of cats -- they only make me think of watching my own Mr. Snowflake waste away due to the effects of Feline Leukemia.
Tad: Wow... sad trombone!
by Alana Post September 30, 2005

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