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destim (root words destimulation )(DEEE stim) - verb

to destim or destimulate.

this is when you or someone needs to calm and turn off the tv or all the external stimuli that cause aggravation or over hypersensitivity, or over stimulation.

it's most often used in issues regarding ptsd, and people with anxiety disorders, and depression, and anger issues.

destim can also be as a descriptive term

examples are a destim room,

or a destim suit (often with(or without) ear plugs and a hood, and sometimes mittens booties, used to restrict movement and calm the body and mind.)
when you go home i want you to destimulate yourself turn off the tv and go relax crawl into a hot bubble bath or something i know things were rough on you today.

i had to crawl into my destim suit after such a rotten day everything was on my nerves.

bobby had the tv the radio the scanner the computer and radio on. after ten minutes with them i had to go to my room and destim.

After hearing the gun shots and ambulances across the street at wallchart on Black Friday i had to crawl into my sleeper sack to destim or i would have had a full blown ptsd moment.

i had to destim after watching the horror movie it scared me to much.

it's destim time for you alley you are getting to excited and wound up, and are going to have an episode
by Al3y December 7, 2013
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Squidbully, is the tactic used by lawyers in order to influence things to their side.

as a noun - a term for an aggressive lawyer.

a combination of the words squid (often thought of being slippery bottom feeders) and the word bully someone who uses intimidation or harassment against an individual.

might also be used in reference to politicians.
We just spent 3 hours dealing with the squidbully in a deposition debate, where he tried to ruin our character.

That squidbully is responsible for getting that (thief / killer/ junkie / lair / insert adjective here) out of jail.

Tom went to court with a friend and they won against that squidbully.

Did you catch the latest of the squidully debate?

What did the squidbullies decided on the national deficit?
by Al3y August 18, 2011
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verb /slang/

to be hyper, or over stimulated.
i drank to much coffee at starscmucks this morning and now i am wound up tighter then Foamy The Squirrel
by Al3y December 7, 2013
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