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Christian is a big ass bird that is the gay one in his gc and half of them probably don’t like him because he have tittie droplets. Also Christian like to spend his money on things he can’t even afford
“Oh girl please “ ——“mauriana stfu “ yes my name is Christian so what about it ?
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Mauriana is a dyke that’s plays basketball and gets yelled at by her mother while she on the phone . Also she is a pro hoe it’s where she get a bitch every other hour and during that time she’s a pedo because them kids be under 12 . Don’t be shy y’all get y’all a mauriana
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Chonice is a black girl but her personality brings white a annoying bossy ass white bitch that had a musty cat when she was younger and died in the street and she ‘s ethier a Sagittarius or a pisces that have family problems and low key broke and have anger issues
Chonice your a weird white girl
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