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Yet another evidence that the traditional media is dying slowly but steadily.
Grandpa: I'm following WikiLeaks on The Guardian.

Grandson: Who needs The Guardian when the original documents are available online for free?!

Grandpa: Online?! Huh? What site?
by Ahmed Zidan November 29, 2010

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Sexual satisfaction by dictation, smsing, tweeting, blogging, instant messaging, private Facebook threads, etc...

Sexual gratification by sharing written text.
This woman knows how to turn me on in less than 140 characters. She's a perfect sexter!

This tweep turns on her followers! She knows exactly how to sext!
by Ahmed Zidan April 02, 2011

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A computer showing the symptoms of a virus infection; turtle-slowness, inability to run certain apps or games, inability to browse through the internet or very slow internet browsing, and certainly will end in you having a high blood pressure.
A: My windows has a systitis for the last month.
B: It's probably because you're running an update-disabled fake version. Buy a genuine version, or replace your windows with any open-source os.
by Ahmed Zidan October 26, 2010

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The complete list of blogs written by a blogger, or a group of bloggers, on their own website, or many websites to which they contribute.
I've read all the blogography of Dr Medhat Mahfouz. Oh man, it's awesome!
by Ahmed Zidan September 04, 2010

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Teasing computer users and geeks with a brand new technological products, like latest gadgets and gizmos, devices (smartphones, lap-tops, processors... etc), instruments, software updates, new applications etc...

The newly introduced product can be either really cool, creative, and a real addition to the world of technology. Or nothing serious at all, but a successful combined marketing/advertising campaign.
A: I'm techteased by iPhone 4, I really want to buy one!
B: I'm waiting to see if it's really worth it.

A: Esra'a teases me every time by an update, website design, or a software yet to be released. Oh yeah! I love the technologically-driven Mideast Youth!
B: This is what we call techteasing. Mideast Youth apps are of an unquestionable quality!
by Ahmed Zidan September 30, 2010

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A portmanteau of inspiration and infection, is definitely an inspiring idea which flows like an infection, and inspires diverse ideas.

A thought-provoking, mind-boggling, jaw-drooping ideas which are worth the spread.

Obviously, the word comes only as a gerund, and not very flexible with different tenses.
I've attended Up on the Roof event last month. And oh my word, the inspirfection was flowing in the air.
by Ahmed Zidan October 26, 2010

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Excessive obsession, excitation, arousal, or fascination by the latest technological products, like devices, gadgets, or softwares.
A: Bob has rushed to stores once he heard about the iPad.
B: He's techteased by any new gadget. He's a real technoamaniac!

A: Have you tried the new Android smartphones yet?!
B: I'm satisfied with my BlackBerry. I'm not very obsessed technomania!
by Ahmed Zidan September 30, 2010

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