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Straight talk, to tell someone something straight up. without sugar coating it.
Person 1: ''Honestly what do you think of my new boyfriend?"
Person 2: ''He's a great guy I guess''
Person 1: ''Be honest, give me solid dick''
Person 2: ''Fine, he seems like a douche''
by AgirlWithHope June 29, 2014
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To give away various things to people excitedly.
Friend one: Hey guys i accidentally ordered too many headphones, so you all get one. ''You get headphones'' ''She gets headphones'' ''He gets headphones'' ''YOU ALL GET headphones''
Friend two: Did you just pull an oprah?
by AgirlWithHope August 11, 2014
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A game whenever you yell ''DROP THAT BASS'' and if the person you yell it too has something in their hand they have to immediately drop it no matter what it is.
so my mom was holding a carton of eggs so i yelled ''DROP THAT BASS'' and she looked me dead in the eye, dropped then eggs on the floor and whispered “you’ve gone too far”
by AgirlWithHope July 13, 2014
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A comment on a video sucking up to the uploader, a person with a lot of followers or subscribers, and them turning attention to them for subscribers or followers too.
Hey man, I was just watching a Bart baker parody when I saw this Thirst comment, some guy named Raulf.

You saw it too?, He posts it on a ton of YouTubers pages saying they inspired him, and to check out his channel. He does a lot of thirst comments.
by AgirlWithHope June 15, 2014
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When someone has nice long weave.
Girl one: Omg, Carly's weave was so long and curly.
Girl two: Ikr!, It was so hot, it was weavealicious
by AgirlWithHope May 28, 2014
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