Bart baker is a popular youtuber that does music parodies making fun of celebrities. Best known for his Taylor swift parodies where he portrays her as the devil. He is also well known for his justin bieber parodies as well.
Guy1: have you seen Bart bakers new parody
Guy2: yes
by Footballislife21 February 11, 2015
Bartholomew "Bart" Baker is an American entertainer, web-based comedian, video producer, singer, rapper, and parody artist. He is best known for making parody videos of notable songs, for which Billboard dubbed him one of the most prolific makers of music parodies. However back in September 2019 Bart Baker shifted his career to the Chinese market. His works consist of translating and singing Chinese songs on the social media app Kwai, and his English covers of Chinese songs have been gaining a following on Douyin. In August 2021 He annouced his return in US and make content once again in YouTube. In November 6 of 2021 he uploaded his first music video after 3 years named "POLYDOGE" .
Person 1: Do you know whose bart baker?
Person 2: The guy who makes chinese tiktoks?
Person 1: He was a parody maker, but WHAT?
Person 2: Yeah look at his tiktoks...
Person 1: wtf what happened to bart baker? he was the king of parodies
Person 2: idk he was cut on cash
by thememedefinition March 8, 2022