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A codrin is a green merry fart, sometimes related to the spirit of the forest. people drinking absinth sometimes tell of a bright green codrin doing drugs and running around completly naked, or of a Schputz whcich is the king of all codrins.
I got so high last night that I saw a naked codrin jerking off in my beer
by Afrodisiac Semasturbea January 23, 2007

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1. First and firstly of all, Schputz is a sexual object used in the cleaning of infected bowels and deep throat exploration.

2. Secondly and secondly of the first one, a Schputz is an unborn fetus used in some delicacy recipes in combination with mashed brusture and scurmuse de broasca juices

3. Thirdly, and most important, a Schputz is The One, chosen messiah of the Gods sent to Neptune in the ectoplasmic carcass of a Codrin, also known as The King of All Merry Codrins. It has irrefutable magical power juices which he uses to lubricate various holes for the purpose of fornication. He does not live in one tree, he lives in all and protects them from vile Canadian lumberjacks.
Joshua: Could you please help me use this Schputz? I have puss in my bowels.
Shawna: Yes, it will be an honor.

Joshua: Excuse me sir, my Schputz is still blinking.
Waiter: I'm terribly sorry, honorable mister. Your meal will be gratis.

3. I tired to cut a tree once and the mighty Schputz raped my beer, after a Codrin jerked off in it. I am sad.
by Afrodisiac Semasturbea March 30, 2007

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Synonym for "birthday". It originates from the word pizda(which means "cunt"/"pussy"/"slit" in romanian, russian and maybe other languages too) + "day", because your birthday is after all the day you came out of your mother's pizda.
Jimmy: hey Bimmy, sup?
Bimmy: yo it's my pizday dude!
Jimmy: holy shit! Happy pizday, douchebag! Buy me beers.
by Afrodisiac Semasturbea April 23, 2008

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