1 definition by Adam Burrows

A form of pandemonium and chaos whereby clothes are randomly strewn across one's bedroom floor. Poor President Thomas Jefferson (the inventor of the wooden clothes hangar) - just thinking how he would frown at those that spurned his invention in favor of throwing their clothes in a heap on the floor, as if clothes didn't deserve their respect.

Cristina & Rebecca: Where's that top I want to wear? I can't find it in my floordrobe! The film starts in five minutes.

(two hours later, outside cinema)

Adam: Hey guys, the film was great. And it was even better watching it in this jumper I just picked out of my wardrobe.

Cristina & Rebecca: We couldn't find our jumpers in our floordrobe. We missed the film. Shame on us.
by Adam Burrows March 21, 2008
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