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the nastiest shit where a guy chops his pee pee off and pops out his jewels. don't ever watch this video
I sent the bme pain olympics video to my friend andrew and he almost killed himself
by APdaBoss January 27, 2008

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When someone has a lot of pubic hair, or a huge bush, and it is set on fire.
Dat nigga got a forrest fire, he can't pee anymore.
by APdaBoss February 09, 2008

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When a man proceeds to shit in a woman's pussy, rubbing it in, then it is licked out by the man or another woman.
Omg nef, i saw that dude giving her a choco taco in KFC
by APdaBoss February 04, 2008

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when a girl makes you cum in a glass and she drinks it in a shot.
"Dat bitch gave me a good quick shot last night, she said it was fingerlickin' good"
by APdaBoss January 26, 2008

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