125 definition by AJ

(Interjection) Used when making a mistake while playing in a sports game
After the volleyball was hit out of bounds, the player yelled "Shitscott!"
by AJ May 07, 2005

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A person who uses logic to figure out that there is no such thing as a higher power or diety

They also do not believe in satan seing as he would be a higher power.
If the bible is so "holy", why does it have an author?
by AJ December 04, 2004

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A woman who has passed the lower numbers of the Twirty age range but is still continuously mistaken for a whole lot younger.
Even though we twirty-somethings felt out-of-place at the kegger, we were still getting hit on so hard we had bruises.
by AJ June 25, 2004

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A females vagina. A word used only when referring to the vagina in a NON-sexual way. Unlike 'cunt' and 'pussy', muchy can be used in the presence of a child.
"My muchy is so cute"
by AJ January 24, 2005

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Age of a woman in her late twenties or mid thirties. Women of this age are seen as continuously defying their actual age.
That frat boy hit on me because he has no idea I'm twirty!
by AJ June 25, 2004

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The community site that is too indie to have a community.
Dude, wtf is sitc?
by aj March 23, 2004

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a nigger wearing bling bling, stoop walking, selling dope to his friends on the corner.
look at that stupid porch monkey with all that jewlery, what a homeystooge that idiot is.
by aj January 10, 2004

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