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The most homosexual anime know to the human race. This anime consists of an innocent (except for the after party of the Grand Prix final ;)) Japanese (now) 24 year old named Yuri (or Yuuri) Katsuki, a very good looking Russian named Victor (or Viktor) Nikiforov, an enraged Russian kitten named Yuri Plisetsky, and a mound of other queer figure skaters. The very last episode (ep 12) of season 1 made the fandom as a whole, create enough tears to make 50,000 ice rinks worldwide. This show will cause eternal damage to your mind and capture your innocent (or sinful) heart and shatter it to pieces. Make well before watching it, hang out with your friends for the last time, go outside, breathe, sleep, anything that involves living a normal life, do it. When you watch this show, there will be no more life in you to do any of those listed. Enjoy. Dasvidaniya.
Yuri!!! On Ice killed me long before it was released.
by AHkatsuki January 04, 2017

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The Russian word for goodbye.

Or you could say it just to be like Viktor from Yuri!!! On Ice.
P1: "Okay, see you later!"
P2: "Okay, Dasvidaniya!"
by AHkatsuki January 18, 2017

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