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A term used to describe the sudden stalling of a customer's fast food order due to fear or anxiety.
J-Piz: Hear about nervous Nigel?
D-Pow: Nah, what was it this time?
J-Piz: He froze when they asked if he wanted his sub "toasted"
D-Pow: Man, that kid needs to stop getting the subway shakes.
by A-Riz March 18, 2009
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An instrument used to measure the acute nature of a kinky winky.
Blimey! It looks like his wang is taking a walk around the block. Someone fetch the Pecktractor: my money's on 45 degrees.
by A-Riz March 18, 2009
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A person who adopts the essense of a mechanical robot being.
Woah, did you catch sight of that guy looming through the doorway.. It's uncanny; he looked just like a borg-bot.
by A-Riz March 16, 2009
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I hope your bathroom is reinforced, as this bad boy's waited too long already- I'm off to unleash hell on the pan. Wish me luck.
by A-Riz March 19, 2009
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