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How stupid people spell the word "tongue."
Is it really that fucking hard?
by a pseudonym November 10, 2004

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what little kids say when they have to pee...
Mommy, can I go tinkle?
by a pseudonym June 15, 2004

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Twelve people who determine which client has the better lawyer.
The jury let off OJ.
by a pseudonym April 03, 2005

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band that rox. New CD: Stepping on the Crowtch owf your American President.
They say Group X steal the beats, well that bunch of crap.
Why would we ever stop doing that?
'Cuz Puff Daddy do it, except he cannot rap.
by a pseudonym June 16, 2004

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A common reaction to goatse.
Person One: Hey, Person Two, look at this!

by A pseudonym March 13, 2005

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Hentai is most commonly used to mean cartoon or anime porn, at least outside of japan. I don't need to list all the different types like someone else seems to have done, because anything that happens in real porn, happens in hentai. It's as simple as that. If you can imagine anything eroitc, well it's probably already been imagined and made into a hentai by someone.

As for the literal meaning of hentai, it's actually not very commonly used as 'pervert' in japan or in anime, probably because it's so well known as also meaning cartoon porn. If you want to call someone a pervert in japanese, say sukebe ok? Apart from that i think the other entries cover it quite well.

Oh, one more thing, like i said earlier anything you can imagine can be made into a hentai, and probably has, there are plenty out there where the girls have normal boobs and the guys have normal dicks as well. There are also hentai that have story lines as well, and quite good ones at that, unlike most normal porn, not everything is an excuse for sex sex and more sex. But dont confuse hentai with fan service in an otherwise normal anime!
I was watching what i thought was a normal anime, and it suddenly turned into a complete hentai... not like i minded of course.
by a pseudonym July 15, 2004

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