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In a piece of fiction, eg. a comic, novel, or theatre, for a character to acknowledge the fact that they are fictional.
looks like <comic author's name> finally learned how a 16 year old girl should look
by A guy called James January 17, 2005
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One kick ass guitarist. May not be the best, but hawaii may not be the best holiday spot either. Doesn't mean it doesn't kick ass though. Joined Metallica in 1983 after Dave Mustaine was kicked out. The least whiney and monkey-like of four members.
*awesome guitar noises* *wicked guitar noises*
by A guy called James May 20, 2005
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The second thing Jaymz (lead singer of metallica) requested in the song "fuel"
Give me fuel, Give me fire, Give me that which I desire
by A guy called James February 4, 2005
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