5 definitions by A Fucking Mistake

pure, but probably a fucking moron

If you see one in public, make a wish! ( it's like a unicorn )
"Man, I don't get how that guy is so happy about everything. He looks like an idiot"
"Jeez... what an Apollyon"
by A Fucking Mistake August 13, 2018
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A term used for lesbians, specifically 'back in the day' lesbians who were more interested in romantic interests, cuddles, hugs, and in general innocent affection with each other other than sexual interaction.


People who go through the entire movie of Bambi, think Bambi is a girl the entire time and just see Bambi as a lesbian after realizing 'she' has a relationship with a doe.
Honestly, Nicki was more interested in cuddling and hugs rather than the more... extreme stuff. I think she may be a Bambi Lesbian.
by A Fucking Mistake October 30, 2018
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Some fuckwad who thinks you'll remember his name- Wait who am I typing a definition for again?
"Hey! Hey do you remember me? Its Arekals from English, y'know- 2nd Period?"
"Hey I met this guy Arekals...-"
"Who's that?"
by A Fucking Mistake August 13, 2018
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The place to go when 'bae' says she thinks of you as a brother.
Bae: "Sorry, I only think of you as a brother."
You: "Well, get in the car- we're taking a road trip."
Bae: "Where?"
You: "Alabama."
by A Fucking Mistake December 19, 2018
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Yo I saw somebody draw Jesus Christ Porn of him giving Satan a blowjob
by A Fucking Mistake February 24, 2019
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