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Matthew is a smooth talking man who will talk to anyone and can easily convince even the most intelligent person that black is in fact white.He will sweep you off your feet and declare undying love for you while all the time he is still playing the field.Be very wary of Matthew he has a way with words that will make you believe he is sorry and give him another chance.Only those fooled more than once by Matthew will have the ability to see through this man.Matthew's only true love is himself!
He is such a Matthew
by 95 March 26, 2011

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A man who at first you will think is amazing and like no other but he will soon show his true colours.His favourite pastime is lying but he really isn't very good at it and trips himself up quite easily he lies so often that he even believes what he is saying to be true but he is easily caught out as his memory is very bad and he often forgets what lies he has told.He proclaims to love you but his only love is himself.
Arwel is definitely a no go area
by 95 January 31, 2011

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