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Satellite radio with a much broader range of music and content than standard FM radio. With Sirius XM, you are not limited to hearing the same song played every 20 minutes as with FM radio. With over 130 different stations, all with different genres of music, the selection available with Sirius XM is well worth the money for those spending a lot of time driving
"Hey I never heard the radio play such good music, it's also uncensored"

"That's because it's Sirius XM, not that FM garbage"
by 8D4IE March 7, 2013
A travel company that uses multi-level marketing to advertise. The company claims to market travel packages for a lower price than other travel websites such as Expedia and Travelocity. However, one must pay both a sign up fee and a monthly membership fee to purchase a package. If a member can get 4 or more people to join, the monthly membership fee gets waived. If a member gets more than 6 people to join, they will receive a small bonus every month as long as those people are paying their monthly fee or getting new recruits. Typical of a pyramid scheme, the members of WorldVenture's primary focus is to recruit new members instead of actually sell its travel packages.
Worldventures Member: "So you get 4 friends your fee is waived. 6 friends, we'll start paying you!"

Friend: "Isn't that a pyramid scheme?"

Worldventures Member: "No no. No pyramid scheme here, it's all real"
by 8D4IE March 7, 2013