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When one's heart is breaking into a thousand delicate, yet beautiful sakura petals, scattered on the bittersweet wind of lost love.
My heart... it's... hot thumping... come back to me... please... I'll... never forget you... dot dot dot...
by 6of1 February 27, 2009

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An unworthy piece of meat.
Waiter! I asked for this steak to be medium-well, not well done. What a piece of porkshit.
by 6of1 February 21, 2009

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Prostitutes with water-dispensing devises, often sprays or gardening cans.
"Hey, why are my gardenias so luscious?"

"The Water Hoes sprayed them last night, while they were on patrol."

"Wow! Thanks, Water Hoes!"
by 6of1 March 27, 2009

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