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Wemo Kids (noun plural); A strange coming together of two forms of "individuals": the Emo Kid, and the Wigger. The Wemo takes after the stereotypical traits of both of these lifestyles, they are often upset, sad, or angery but also full of themselves. They listen to both The Used, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan and Chingy, Ludacris and Eminem. You can pick Wemos out by the way the dress, with there Skater Shoes, Crazy-sized baggy jeans, Studded belts, Super small band t-shirts, and their hair grown out. Will usually have accessories such as wallet chains, studded or printed wrist bands, and may be seen with or without eye makeup and "X"'s on hands. Appearences of a Wemo kid may vary and this is only an outline.
That poser looks like an Emo Kid but he's listening to Eminem, what a Wemo Kid!

guy: What wrong kid?...
wemo: Yo dawg I haten mi lyfe, I went n missed dem boys "dashboard" playin in herr...
guy: Huh?...Why you so angery?...I don't understand you...
wemo: Dawg mi lyfe sucks... Ima go home n cut mislef or some tin...
guy:... *runs away in confused state*
by 5ohnfive October 29, 2005

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Musically speaking: a Crossbreed is the coming together of two seemingly opposite styles, usually Hiphop/Rap crossing with another genre. A kind of Crossbreed commonly seen is a Wemo(see Wemo Kid). A Crossbreed can be Hiphop crossing Country (ie. Big n' Rich), Rock (ie. Beastie Boys, Limp Bizkit), Punk (ie. The Transplants) or Metal/Hardcore (ie E. Town Concrete)

Personally Speaking: a Crossbreed is someone who listens to said Crossbreed music(see above). Style of Crossbreed can be one of two: Open crossbreeds, someone that is open about the crossing of genres, like Wemo Kids(see Wemo Kid). and Closet Crossbreeds, much more common, someone that looks Punk/Rock/Counrty but secretly listens to Hiphop, and Vice-Versa Someone that looks Hiphop can listen to Punk/Rock/Country secretly.

*Can be used as a little known insult.
"so-and-so" is a Crossbreed, she looks Gothic but she only listen to Marilyn Manson, the rest is Chingy and Ludacris

Big n Rich are Crossbreed music!

*Hahaha your such an effing crossbreed!
by 5ohnfive October 29, 2005

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