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"Denial of Service" is a type of attack against computer systems that makes a server become unresponsive to any user requests. This is most commonly performed by flooding the server with huge amounts of senseless requests so that the server gets busy computing all those requests.
Normally, a denial of service attack does not compromise the server's security.
The "Anonymous" Hacker group recently started a denial of service attack on paypal so that no one was able to buy stuff via paypal for hours.
by 4006 June 14, 2011

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The girlie hack is some kind of a cheat that is proven to work for almost every MMORPG out there. By exploiting a security hole that is present in the minds of many MMORPG players, it will help you gaining in-game items or experience points.
Since the hack does not run on your computer but in your brain, you do not need any additional software and the hack automatically evolves over time.
In order to use the girlie hack just follow the steps below:

(1) Create a female character that looks sexy (for nerds) but still half-decently dressed.

(2) Pretend that you are a girlie who plays the MMORPG for the first time and is thus a little clumsy. You should also chat quite a lot so that the exploitable players notice you. Excessive use of smilies and emoticons is strongly recommended.

(3) Being the cute, helpless girlie you are now, you will encounter a player who actually believes that you are a girlie in real life due to the previously mentioned security hole in some desperate peoples' minds. When he asks you if you need help, the hack starts to work. Your victim will readily begin to give you experience points/items/whatever without even asking him. Just don't loose your "dumb little girlie" image and everything is fine.

(4) Your victim will ask you for real life data after some time. In order not to get too ensnared into this "relationship", you will have to get rid of your victim. The easiest way to do this is getting a new victim and let jealousy do its work.
Girlie Hacker: "(...) this guy over there told me to bring him some bones but i dont know where to get them !!!!! ;-("

Victim: "This is very easy, you just need to kill the Magic Rabid Mutant Wolves over there. Come on, I will help you."

Girlie Hacker: "Oooh that is soooo cute of you *hug* ^^"

Victim (thinks): "ooooh yessss finally I have a real girlfriend woooooot"

Girlie Hacker (thinks): "Lol 7 level ups in fifteen minutes! Girlie Hack rules!"
by 4006 June 15, 2011

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Chromatography is a chemical method to find out the type and/or the amount of chemical substances in a gas or a solution.
The main principle of chromatography is that the gas/solution slowly spreads over a "stationary phase" (for example a piece of paper). Since different substances travel with different speed, the compounds of the gas/solution split up while spreading through the stationary phase and can be measured seperately.
Guy: "Hey, what kind of stuff is in those gas cylinders?"
Scientist: "Let's do a chromatography to find out".

(Hours later)
Scientist: "Okay, that gas consists of 60% nitrous oxide and 40% hydrogen"
Guy: "Amazing"
by 4006 June 15, 2011

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