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White middle class from the suburbs. They are the one who was responsible for making gentrification thrive in poor neighborhoods whereby it drove out the poor, hard working class. The one that destroyed the very social and cultural fabric of New York City. For those Hipsters that don't find it to be true will immediately give a thumbs down. However, ask a Native New Yorker about how they feel about it. Better yet ask the Germans in Berlin.


Welcome to Berlin, Sorry, no entry for Hipsters. (Would love to put the URL, however, UD won't allow it. Just Google the title)
Veni, Vidi, corruo

I came, I Saw, I Destroyed

Thanks a lot Hipsters for taking the life out of NYC.
by 3rd Gen. NYC October 29, 2012
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Use to be one of the toughest section in New York City, well, one of the most dangerous part in the US, if you was an outsider of course or brought problems. Use to be a REAL neighborhood with REAL New Yorkers where every race, religion and creed lived together. Yeah, it was a real neighborhood with a tough, working class melting pot who never gave a shit about how much money you had, what you wear, or the color of your skin. Until it got replaced by swarms of snobby, superficial yuppies, hipsters, etc... from Smallville fucking, USA who really believes the world revolves around them and everyone should bow down to them, of course till they realize, after they get their asses kicked, ridiculed, or cursed out, it just doesn't work that way. If one really THINKS about it, the real reason why they all showed up was because of what they saw on the movies, TV shows, songs, and music videos and tried to live that life, a real, sleazy, gritty, New York life, (NYC was always like that till the late 90's.) Till it was packaged and put on the silver screen for everyone else to see) however, they can't take into consideration that it was clearly THEY, that destroyed the very fabric and culture of what this great city once stood for. I'm DEAD SERIOUS.
Friend: What happened to Lower East Side????

A yuppie, then a hipster walks by on a cell. "Yeah, I live in NYC"

Me: That's what happened!!!

RIP: NYC (The greatest home on earth; The home of the Braves and REAL Nu Yawkas.)

For those haters, jealous, envious people; I don't care if you give a thumbs down because all New Yorkers know its the truth. Just ASK them.
by 3rd Gen. NYC October 29, 2012
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