Someone who was born in New York and lived there for a period of time before being dragged to some other state by their parents even though they still are up to date on NY fashion and events happening there. They tend to go to New York very often and it is probably their favorite place in the world and will probably end up moving back as soon as they possibly can. They also tend to be clowned by other people when they claim to be Native New Yorkers even though when you ask people where that person is from they will say New York. Other people tend to call them from whatever state they are living in to annoy/have a laugh with them but they know that they are from New York.
Girl 1: She’s so cool and pretty

Girl 2: She’s a Native New Yorker
Native New Yorker: Shut up Chuck E. cheese looking hoe you got phat nostrils that’s why yo mama dead
by ActualNativeNewYorker May 16, 2020
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