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A person seriously addicted to COD (Call of Duty)
CODdict: Damn! It's been 3 hours 27 minutes and 51 seconds since i was last playing COD, i think i'm gonna die!
by 2b4sure November 27, 2009

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A list of different hypothetical situations or circumstances as to why a person should be paranoid about something. This is usually the type of list drawn up by parents when they don't know where their kid is. But people can create a paranoia list for all sorts of reasons.
Mother: Where's Jimmy?

Tom: I don't know mom

Mother: What if he's been kidnapped, or mugged, or raped, or abudcted by aliens or beheaded, or sold for drugs, or worse?!?!?!

Tom: Jeez mom don't make a paranoia list
by 2b4sure September 05, 2009

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