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A movie with a pornographic theme. Porn movies are not just themeless sex, they also have actuation like any other movie. The porn fragments are frequently like this:

A man enters to a certain place, and a woman enters it too. No connection between them.
Suddenly, the man and the woman start to kiss, starting with a mouth kiss, then with a sensual tongue kiss.
The woman takes her shirt off, and later... she takes off her bra. Then the man starts to lick her nipples.
Then, the woman drops the man's pants and underpants off, and starts to have oral sex with him.
Scene switches, they are already totally naked, the man puts his penis on the woman's vagina, and then until the rest of the fragment.
They will keep having vaginal, frequently changing positions. If the movie is about anal, then it will be anal. Sometimes they alternate with more oral sex.
At the the man takes his penis out of the woman's vagina, she starts to masturbate his cock until he cums, which frequently is over the woman's face or mouth.
- Hey girl, let's see a Porn Movie...

- ohh.. yeah...

- Oh wait, this is Lord of the Rings.
by 24canidkasi August 22, 2013

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the answer to all your problems.
I lied about my period last night.
by 24canidkasi August 24, 2013

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