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'Frievolve' (fre-volv) is the words 'friend' and 'evolve' merged together. It is when one's physical appearance and personality begins to "evolve" and they become increasingly like the people they associate with.

Prime Example of Someone Who Made a Full Frievolution:
Lindsay Lohan when she started hanging out with Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie, back in 2005. Lindsay Lohan's frievolution gained much media attention. She and her clique were even dubbed "The Zoebots", because they all began to look just like, their stylist, Rachel Zoe.

As Well as 'Frievolve', You Can Also Use:-
Lois: Hey, Christine. Look, here comes Jo.
Christine: That's not Jo. That's Rachel.
Lois: Oh my god, it is. But Rachel used to be skinny, have long black hair and play it safe with her clothes. The girl approaching is curvy, has short blonde hair and is dressed in bold colors.
Christine: That's the old Rachel. She's frievolved quite a bit since hanging out with Jo.
by 19CharacterUsername July 11, 2009
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Someone who (if nature had their way) would look ugly. But, as a result of using various methods (cosmetics, diet etc) they manage to achieve an average or above on a scale of attractiveness.

Way to Spot a Polished Turd:
1. Give the person a score out of 10 for attractiveness.
2. Then, work out their beauty product score by looking in their medicine cabinet and counting how many beauty products they have, divide that number by 3 (rounding to the closest whole number).
3. Take their beauty product score away from their score out of 10 for attractiveness.
If the person scores below 5, they are officially a polished turd.

Example of a Polished Turd:
Tori Spelling when she starred in, the 2003 made-for-TV film, 'A Christmas Carol' and looked relatively OK.
Joe: Look at, the twins, Kate and Fiona.
Kyle: Apparently, they are identical. Which is funny since Fiona's hot and Kate isn't.
Joe: Yeah, Fiona's always applying make-up and bursting spots. Looking at Kate, who's not bothered by how she looks, goes to show Fiona is a big polished turd.
by 19CharacterUsername June 28, 2009
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The behaviors that follow after someone masturbates and wishes for nobody to know about it. Behaviors include fluffing pillows, spraying air freshener and taking the TV off mute.
Karen: Hi, how are you?
Lorraine: Fine, just finished a pile of laundry.
Karen: Good, good. I just got pack from the dentist. I'm running a bath. I might as well get one now. I won't be able to go in the lounge 'til Jamie's finished fluffing the pillows.
by 19CharacterUsername June 23, 2009
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Alexa Chung is a 25-year-old, British model-turned-TV host. She started modelling at 16 and became a TV host at 22 when she began co-hosting 'Popworld', along with Alex Zane. Earlier this year she managed to break through to the States when she bagged her own MTV chat show entitled 'It's on with Alexa Chung'. Renowned for eccentric personality she appears to have got ahead by just being herself (who'd thought?).
Billy: Hey, what are you watching?
Bobby: 'It's on with Alexa Chung'.
Billy: Cool. I love this show. Not only is Alexa hot as hell, but she also isn't an irritating fake phony!
by 19CharacterUsername July 13, 2009
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