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A Logical Atheist is a person that states there is insufficient evidence to state that no god(s) exist or that they do not believe a god(s) exist. Instead the Logical Atheist simply says, "There isn't enough evidence to support or deny the existence of a god(s)."
A Logical Atheist is neither a Negative Atheist nor a Positive Atheist.
I cannot claim there is no god and I cannot claim to believe in a god because I haven't seen any evidence from either proposition. I am therefore, an Logical Atheist.
by 1960Pegleg June 25, 2019

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D.A.M.M. is a social group of people who drink boatloads of alcohol while professing their lack of support for mothers who are mad.
Maybe D.A.M.M. is actually promoting happy and well-adjusted mothers.
by 1960Pegleg September 28, 2020

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A female that is unable to get a man even though she wants to.
There are a lot of women today that want to be with a man but most men don't want to be with them and in such a case, we call them an unfem.
by 1960Pegleg October 05, 2019

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Areas contained within the crotch and adjacent nearby zones.
Dude! I hooked up with that chick last week and now I'm itching all around my crotchital area.
by 1960Pegleg September 26, 2019

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A person that smokes cannabis and is also a Republican is a Canna-Conservative.
by 1960Pegleg June 25, 2019

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