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A small town in northern Indiana. Most of the population is over 60. Almost anyone who is not 60 goes to either Saint Joseph's College (Pumas) or Rensselaer Central High School (Bombers). Although a small "city" Rensselaer is the biggest town in its area. It has a Wal-Mart, two movie theaters, five stop lights, six schools, and about twenty churches.
1st person: There is NOTHING to do in Rensselaer!
2nd person: At least you guys have a Wal-Mart
by 14435 April 06, 2009

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The mascot for Rensselaer Central Schools sometimes referred to as Bomber Bob. Their colors are black and red.
The Bombers are doing great this year.

I love Bomber Bob!
by 14435 April 06, 2009

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