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Irish gypsies. often referred to as dirty by romani gypsies - the original gypsy ppl not just some person who has decided to live in a caravan. A romani gypsy will have a very distinctive look, usually olive sking long dark hair and wears excessive amounts of gold jewellery.
by 123 July 24, 2003
One who mongles the cock
Dude, you're such a fucking cockmongler. Now go fuck yourself.
by 123 April 18, 2003
One who completes the act of slutation with the addition of a butter or margerine product.
Hey slutbutter!
by 123 April 18, 2003
In england we use this word when you think that something is good, you would say boooo. made popular by ms dynamite. used a lot in mcin...
rapper chats a wicked lyric, people around say "boooooooo"
by 123 July 25, 2003
means the same as a blo -job, to have your dick sucked is to get a shiner. (see shine also)
"that girl over there gave me a shiner"
by 123 July 25, 2003
"that boy just got ripped hard"
by 123 July 25, 2003
A slow company that manufactures Half-life. Renowned for its eventual quality, yet sluggish nature
Person1: Hey, is that game out yet??
Person2: No
Person1: Why!?
Person2: Valve
Person1: Oh. I see.
by 123 June 14, 2004