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Some thing in the back of a Cheez-It 's box where you can win a prize to go play a game with some Celebrity basketball players.
What is a Celebrity Crunch?
Answer: It's some CheezIt thing.
by 10YearoldPornstar March 7, 2017
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A hairstyle, with short hair at the back and long hair towards the front. Some examples are, Ramona Flowers and Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball.
"Cowtails are so cute! I want to get them."
by 10YearoldPornstar August 19, 2020
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The word Urban means City or, populated area.

Suburbs: Close to city, like small neighborhood

Rural: a fucking farm
Urban: A City
Joe: you boi wanna go to the suburbs for a cheese steak?
Tim: Joey you fucking shoe that is called an Urban area
by 10YearoldPornstar September 25, 2016
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A fucking shit website that when you create a definition and don't have a login, then make one, it deletes your fucking definition
My fucking shit got deleted because of this Urban Dicktionary bs
by 10YearoldPornstar September 24, 2016
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Joe: I have 50 tumblr followers
Tim: What do you post?
Joe: I have posts about why what I see myself as
Tim: You're a fucking guy
Joe: No I am a homo
Tim: W-What? *clutches hand into a fist while his eyes dwindling erotically"
Joe: I'm- I'm homo Tim
Tim: Do you know what? *cries tears of joy* "I'm homo too!"
Joe: What are you sure you know what I'm talking about-
Tim: I am gay for you ;)
Joe: No, I meant I am a homo sapien
Tim: *trys to hold back tears slightly laughing* haha- I knew that as Tim cringes a big cringe
Joe: Tim- What the fuck
Tim: What
Joe: This is a definition of Tumblr
Joe: This entire paragraph
Tim: *realizes what happened*

Tim: yea- go fuck yourself there are only 2 genders you fucking discrace to god
Joe: oh
by 10YearoldPornstar September 25, 2016
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An AU for the television show: Star vs the forces of evil, which premiers on Disney XD. Twilight Butterfly is a fan-made character who is supposed to the daughter of the protagonist; Star Butterfly.
Did you hear of the fan-character called Twilight Butterfly?
by 10YearoldPornstar September 17, 2017
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