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Long penis, Erect. Going into hawks mouth!
Hawk yells as Shifuus penis stabs him in the eye XD
by 0nion June 29, 2003
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A Man with a very small penis. Has To cover up with his "Compression Cannon" To live up to his "edge"
Poor guy, and people that fall victim to his small, but lethal "Compression Cannon"....
Kicks: Hawk` was kicked from #mro by Edger : BOOM! The Cannon never misses!
yes... sadly it doesnt :D
by 0nion July 02, 2003
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The way someone tries to motion to have sex with them, but in a less explicit way instead of hey lets fuck! :D
hey wanna have some nyanko with me? itll be fun.
by 0nion June 30, 2003
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