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One who posts the names of people they don't like on Urban Dictionary and uses it to deride and/or harass them because they are too afraid to confront them in actuality.
I'm posting this kid's name on Urban Dictionary and saying he's a faggot because I'm an Urban Dictionary low-life.
by . March 29, 2003

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1. A river in southeast Pennsylvania, dividing Philadelphia into West Philly and Center City. It's a tributary of the Delaware.

2. The Schuylkill Expressway, or I-76, also known as the Sure-kill Expressway. An entirely inadequate, dangerous road that connects Philadelphia with the western suburbs and the Pennsylvania turnpike. Expect delays at any given hour, often for no apparent reason. Traffic will suddenly slow to 20mph so that drivers can gape at a bit of interesting debris on the side of the road.

Note: No one from outside the region can pronounce the name of the river. It's not Shooey-el-kill. It's not Skully-kill. Say "SKOO-kul", or "SKOOL-kill", to be proper. Blame some explorer from the Dutch East India Company who could barely find the thing and called it Schuyl Kil, or "hidden creek".
The eastbound Schuylkill's backed up at the Conshohocken curve, with a gaper delay slowing things down from Montgomery to Girard.
by . April 14, 2004

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1. One who practices the art of pimping out bicycles, ravaging man-cock, and playing trailer park tycoon.

2. An irreversible mistake.
Don't be such an epon
by . March 14, 2005

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A program that facilitates the transmission of viruses across the intarweb. Also used for reading and sending emails.
Oh bollocks, outlook just crashed my machine :(
by . January 21, 2004

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Tahitian Gardenia found all throughout Polynesia.
Pass me a tiare, Tiare!
by . March 17, 2005

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A forum started by members after the deletion of the original "General Mayhem" from www.hardocp.com by Kyle "FrgMstr" Bennett a.k.a Kyle "Bannit"

With the exception of banned members who join SA to whine about GenMay, most GenMay members don't care about SA and their "superiority complex". (I doubt most SA members actually care about GenMay either but I don't know for sure).

While content does sometimes get recycled (hey it's the internet), new content is sometimes created at GenMay as well (i.e. Bunchies)
Spam spam spam spam...
by . December 07, 2003

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drunk; hammered.
he got hammed.
by . June 15, 2003

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