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it's a number with a lic
IQlic is not a fucking dumbass, it's a username.

Remove the lic from IQlic and add "0 " on the front, that's your IQ.
by . ‍ February 28, 2021
It's a flag that contains ROYGBIV. Anyone who supports the flag is gAy.
You: What's a roygbiv flag?
(gay) Teacher: Nothing you should be thinking about.
Some random person who always gets in trouble: gAy
by . ‍ February 6, 2020
The thing you say when you say oof incorrectly.
off shit... I meant oof.
by . ‍ February 15, 2019
King Dam Un 2 is Donald Trump. The only difference is he doesn't know what he's doing and shittier.
King Dam Un is smarter than Donald Trump (aka King Dam Un 2.0), but they are both shits.
by . ‍ February 14, 2019
A massage HTML code that is really shit to adblockers that they use blockblockadblock to block it.
BlockAdBlock is so gay I decided to block it.
by . ‍ February 15, 2019