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a hot chik that everybody is after
yo check dat ains over dere im gona make her mine.
by ------- January 10, 2005
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a man who has a fettish for secritarys and for little kids like jasereule.

a man wears pink shirt that are tight

a man who makes his kids shave his legs so it becomes easy acess for his plesure
look at that moonchkin over there
by ------- November 02, 2003
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Don't start Bitching
girl: i broke a nail!
guy: dsb
by ------- December 25, 2004
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*!*!*!!*!FrEe StEvE*!*!*!*!*!

FrEe StEvE MoThA FuCkaZz!!
by ------- February 21, 2005
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