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A person who suffers from premature ejaculation, or somebody who just cums in thirty seconds or less.
Jenna - "Omg, don't go out with Kevin; He's a goddamn speed fucker."
by -= RUCKER =- April 26, 2004

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A paper bag that you take into a bathroom stall and have a person stand in while you are raping them so that when people walk by, they don't see the victim's feet.
I took Courtney to Red Lobster where I put her in a lad bag and made her scream.
by -= RUCKER =- April 13, 2004

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A disgusting, hairy, overweight bitch of a girl. See obeast
Ew did you see that girl wearing the shirt that said "CENSORED"? GIRLILLA!
by -= RUCKER =- May 04, 2004

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To bang a girl so hard so fast so many times, that she can barely walk straight, hence, "walking like an old granny".
I fucked courtney granny style, she could barely even stand up the next morning.
by -= RUCKER =- April 26, 2004

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