4 definitions by *Brendan Hottie*

The first picture in myspace that you see from another user among their display name
Dude did you see Stacy's latest default? She posted it last night!
Yeah man! but i think its about time you update yours...
by *Brendan Hottie* November 5, 2007
The act of having "put in so many chips", or otherwise risk of consequence, that you might as well follow through with the plan.
Johnny: Y'sure you wanna ditch school early?
Tommy: Well we've made it to Jack in the Box, so I say we're pretty pot committed at this point.
by *Brendan Hottie* February 26, 2008
An album and song from the British reggae band UB40 that came out in 1986. The song's catchy chorus goes..

There`s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do?
There`s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna go?
I`m gonna fix that rat thats what I`m gonna do,
I`m gonna fix that rat.

He relates a guy talking shit to a rat being in his kitchen and how he's gonna "fix" him. Clever way to write relatively threatening lyrics to an upbeat song.
You know, there seems to be a rat in the kitchen.. and I don't like rats in my kitchen, SO I'M GOING TO FIX THAT RAT!
by *Brendan Hottie* August 22, 2010
To touch up on, fix up; usually after prolonged neglected use
Hey I think its time you give you myspace a well-needed face lift!
by *Brendan Hottie* January 30, 2008