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When one person stimulates another person's penis with their hand, usually resulting in ejaculation
Me and my GF were making out when suddenly she starts rubbing my penis over my jeans. Soon after, the kissing stops, and she starts talking to me about how I'm so hard, and that my penis needs more space. She stands me up, and my pants come off, but she leaves my boxers so she can tease me more. She lies me down, sits over my stomach, as she viciously rubs and grabs my penis.She removes her shirt, and I undo her bra which comes off as well.I grab a feel her boobs as she strokes my penis quickly. She stands up, removes her pants, showing her pink g-string thong I love so much!She takes off my boxers, leaving me naked.She gets lube, sits over me, with that ass near my face.She spreads the lube on her hands, down my inner thighs, and begins to rub my penis.She quickens the pace, but knows when I'm close to cumming so she slows down again. She stops for a minute, repositions, and starts kissing me at the same time.The relentless rubbing of the handjob is making me crazy!She whispers to me"Relax”as she sits under my legs this time, making sure I can see.She lubes up her hands for the finale, and uses both hands to cover both the shaft and the head of my penis.I’m moaning like crazy, saying "I'm cumming I'm cumming!" and... I watch shot after shot of cum land on my chest, on her boobs, on her g-string even, and everywhere in-between. We kiss for a few minutes as my throbbing penis settles down. We clean up, and I'll leave it up to your imagination as to what happens next...
by #bestgirlfriendEVER January 17, 2012

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