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A gaming term:

A pwn nob is the official title given to a person who takes considerably too much pleasure in pwning newbs. A newb, being new to the game, has very good reason to suck horribly, therefore there is nothing to be proud of in totally kicking there butt. A pwn nob is rediculously proud of this and enjoys it in that maniacle, evil way. This thus makes them a friggin jerk, and they are then classified as a kind of noob.

So, a pwn nob is a noob who takes entirely too much pride in pwning newbs.
ex.)#Joe and TheBen play "Naruto Clash of Ninja." This is #Joe's first time. TheBen owns the game. #Joe gets totally and completely pwned. TheBen brags excessively.

TheBen: WOOHOO YOU SUCK. I WIN !! I=PWNSAUCE!!!! I totally pwned you.
#Joe: You are a retard you fricken pwn nob. I'm a neeewb. Frick.
TheBen: I don't care....I win.
#Joe: You are the epitomy of a pwn nob.
by #Joe October 29, 2007
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A curse word. meaning various unpleasant things that aren't mentioned specifically. When the word lime is used in a curse word type scenario, it can be interpreted in any negative way that one decides, as it is an unspecific curse word.
Dude 1: Listen, it was NOT my fault!
Dude 2: You know what? Just LIME IT! LIME IT ALL!
Dude 1: Don't swear at me boy. Take it back.
Dude 2: Lime.
by #Joe November 10, 2007
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A term of contempt. There are those in the world who are not racist, yet say racist like things in order to insult someone, for example, "You jew!" This term is a combination of many of these into one phrase. It originated from a gaming experience when one man had customized his character to have various equipment from England, France, United States of America, Russia, and Germany (in a world war two game, hence the "nazi") His opponant then quickly came up with this contemptful insult, combining all the nationalities, and a little racist sounding insult of his own at the end.
Richardo: Dude check out my equip (lists all different nationalities of equip).

#Joe: You Fringlisharussion punk Nazi who's too dumb to be a Hatian!

Richardo: Hahaha! what the heck?
by #Joe January 24, 2008
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