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A method of checking one document to another by means of a monotonous tedious task of checking against each other for discrepancies. Used by over-worked employees who have been doing so long they call it a 'P2P' to make it sound more 'street'. These workers are often underpaid, under appreciated, and overlooked while the company banks in excess of 20 million dollars in profit.
This bears striking resemblance to the movie "Office Space".
<New guy> Hey, I am done this Paper-to-Paper....now what do I do?
<Multi-year veteran> Whoa there! Its called a P2P!...and you are not done, here is 400 more for you to do! Suck it up Chach!
<Boss> Hey New Guy, are you done those P2P's yet?....and oh yeah, your vacation request has been declined.
by "Golden Tee" Champ July 11, 2005
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An art form in its own right, the 'Sky Dump' is performed cheifly in public restrooms by climbing to the top of the toilet stall and using your legs and hands on the top of the stall walls to precariously balance yourself above the stall, directly over the toilet, then by a carefully aimed rectum and a few good heaves, a large turd is dropped, and plummets about 2 meters down and into the toilet bowl, subsequentially making a huge splash in all directions wetting the toilet, floor, walls, and toilet paper dipensers. If your turd misses the bowl (or hits on the seat), this constitutes a failed attempt at the "Sky Dump" despite the hilarity of the event whatsoever.
if you walk into the toilet stall, and the is water absolutely everywhere, use another stall, a shat-bomb was Sky-Dumped here. Also, if you encounter a failed atempt it wiil be more obvious as there will be a steaming heap of shat on the seat rim or beside the bowl entirely.

A hilarious spectacle to perform....especially in a crowded public bathroom, but also works well to leave the evidence as a surprise for the boss in his/her private bathroom at work.
by "Golden Tee" Champ July 19, 2005
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A slogan meant to convey 'Get to work!' or to say 'Quit lollygagging and get back to work!.
For example: Last week the section Boss walked through the office and caught one person surfing the net at their workstation instead of working and he therefore jumped to the conclusion that all the office workers must be doing it all the time. Ergo he gave a threat to the team boss's and then doled out the "Buckle down!" speech, which in turn was reiterated upon the employees.
<Smith> Lets go for a break!
<Mackenzie> I can't, our section just got the "Buckle down" speech, I have to finish this file and some P2P's.
<Smith> Oh the "Buckle down" speech?, we got that too, and we pulled 10 hours of overtime each last week alone!
<Mackenzie> Yeah I know! The Boss can lick the sack butter from my hairy pair.
by "Golden Tee" Champ August 3, 2005
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When you just can't stop staring at that fine piece of eye candy in your office. Gets in the way of completing work tasks, and talking about SWG. You find yourself taking fake work files on trips past her desk just to get another look at her sweet rack and cans.
Example 1
<Man 1(banana in pants)> Holy crap, would ya look at that!
<Man 2(dead on the inside)> Pick your jaw off the floor, and do some work....or at least help me plan my SWG game plan for tonight....besides you are married.

Example 2
Need I say more?
by "Golden Tee" Champ June 28, 2005
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