5 definitions by Alexis Elwell/ mrs genius

Well Kat is THICC ASS GIVE EM WHIP LASH she can not properly contain her bodily functions and sometimes just lets it slip out on to a near by seat of a cat
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When you get made fun of for using the word wrong so you make it up
Lexie your such a idiot. Well at least I’m not boared
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When you don’t understand the softener and want to make up a new word
Lexi your an idiot. no I made a word boared
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A BIG boobie filled woman with a ginormous gluteus Maximus she always gets stared at for her thiccc personality and curvy body she is a CATHC and all the boys want her
Lexie how are you so hot and sexy and fat butted? because I work out
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a girl in a village doing alright then i learned how to ghost boys back and now they all answer me in less than 2 minutes :()
Alexis is very mythical
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